Badge Scramble Rules and Regulations

This activity is open to all Youth,  by participating in this activity they have the chance to earn this years totem  Section.

A troop of 1- 10 youth will receive identical pieces, a troop of 11-20 will receive 2 different pieces and a troop of 21-30 will receive 3 different pieces. The youth can spend as much time as they like from when the unit is registered to 4:00 PM on Saturday finding other Scouts who may have the correct piece to complete the picture.

Your troop has been given enough puzzle pieces so each youth has the opportunity to play.

Object of the Game – Make new friends and meet new people.


How to play.

Each youth in your troop has the 1 piece of a puzzle, there are 7 total pieces needed to complete the phrase.

Each youth needs to find 6 other youths ( who each have a different puzzle piece) to complete the full phrase.

Ideally you will have 3 Canadian Scouts and 4 American Scouts in the group but there may be other combinations depending on puzzle piece distribution.

Do not trade your pieces, find 6 other scouts to complete the phrase, make arrangements with your 6 new friends you have found to meet and collect your scramble badge.

Single troops with the completed puzzle have not followed the instructions and will be sent to the back of the line to take your chances.


How to claim your Scramble Badge.

Come to the program tent @ 4:00 PM with your 6 new friends, line up 7 across ( there will be leaders organizing the lines )  show your completed puzzle and receive your Totem section.

The first 750 youth to complete the puzzle will get a badge so get there early with your friends.

Don’t forget the top and bottom of the totem pole can be purchased at the trading post.

Good Luck.