Rules ‘n’ Regulations

Welcome to the 2019 World Brotherhood Camporee. In order to provide a safe and fun weekend, every camper is asked to observe and practice the Scout Law, along with the following special rules:


  • Troop Leaders are to be with and accountable for their respective troops at all times.
  • Trees or deadfall are to be left in their natural state. Firewood will be available on site.
  • Times and procedures will be announced.
  • Traffic is to be kept to a minimum around the camp.
  • Chainsaws shall not be used in camp.
  • There shall be a 10:00p.m. curfew each night, which will be strictly enforced. Campsites are to be quiet after the curfew. There shall be no prowling around the campgrounds after curfew.
  • Fireworks are prohibited.
  • Pets are prohibited.
  • Scouting uniform is requested at Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and religious services.
  • All emergencies shall be reported to Security (roving patrol or Main Gate).
  • There shall be a Security foot/bicycle patrol on duty 24 hours. Security personnel shall be easily identified.
  • The Ontario Provincial Police shall make patrols routinely.
  • Leaving camp shall be discouraged unless with an organized group and a Scouter.
  • The “selling or purchasing, including raffles” of any items is strictly prohibited on the Camporee site. The only exclusions are those at the discretion of the Brotherhood Committee, the operation of the Camporee’s Canteen and Trading post, and the purchasing of firewood from the Park’s designated Vendor.


  • Fuel materials shall be stored at a safe distance from the campfire area.
  • Each Troop shall provide fire buckets and extinguishers at the campsite. These shall be visible and accessible.
  • Small fires, following the “no trace camping policy,” shall be permitted at campsites. These fires are not to be left unattended. (If found unattended, fires may be extinguished.)
  • Tent ropes, guys and clotheslines shall not be attached to park or property.
  • No trenching of tents allowed.
  • Grey Water must be disposed of at Trailer Dumping Stations only. (Obtain Park Map on-site.)
  • Please dispose of garbage and recyclable materials in the appropriate Park containers. If containers become full, do not use overfill. Use another dumpster. Garbage must be disposed of in clear plastic bags.
  • Please, use the Park’s appropriate containers for recyclable items.
  • One picnic table per site, if you require more bring them with you. There is an extreme shortage of picnic tables this year and this rule will be strictly enforced.

Campsite Clearance:

This Brotherhood Camporee has been given the privilege of using this Park for its camp as long as we respect the site and maintain the grounds. In good Scouting tradition the campsite that we use should be in better condition when we depart than when we arrived.

To ensure that this tradition is carried on, you are asked to clean your campsite before leaving. This clearance procedure is based on the honour system.

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend and look forward to seeing you at next year’s Brotherhood.

Please, be careful and have a safe journey.